Etostone, also known as Pavlos Etostone, is a distinguished and multi-talented artist with an impressive record of creating award-winning music tracks and videos. As a former Sony Music artist, he has collaborated with prominent corporations and earned prestigious accolades, such as the ‘Best Music Video 2013 (Worldwide)’ for ‘Together,’ conferred by the Los Angeles-based Action Cut film competition. Several of his compositions have ascended to top positions on the iTunes charts.

Etostone’s prolific career spans the release of 15 albums, showcasing a diverse spectrum of electronic music genres. Notably, 7 of these albums feature compositions within the Cinematic music domain. Furthermore, he has captivated audiences with live performances at numerous concert venues.

His music videos have garnered a cumulative 10 million views on YouTube, while MTV showcased his chart-topping track ‘For Eternity’ for two years on popular reality shows such as ‘Beauty School Cop Outs’ and ‘The Valleys.’

In addition to his musical endeavors, Etostone has ventured into the realm of mobile gaming, designing and producing a compelling video game. ‘For Eternity – Episode I – The Invasion of Lurania’ is intricately woven into a narrative he penned, originally introduced in his acclaimed music video ‘For Eternity.

Etostone has collaborated with internationally renowned artists, including Amanda Wilson (featured in Avicii’s ‘Seek Bromance’), Shena (of Michael Gray’s ‘The Weekend’ fame), Danielle Senior, Mike Diamondz, Uberzone, Simply Jeff, Demy, Tamta, Nicko, Hatzigiannis, among others. His repertoire extends to crafting soundtracks for Greece’s national television channel ET1, composing music for games, jingles, and contributing to the official 2013 advertisement for Vodka Stolichnaya, among other notable projects.

In 2014, Etostone was specifically commissioned to create the official remixes for Dilara Kazimova and Elnur Huseynov, both recognized for their participation in Eurovision 2014 and 2015.